A Welsh perspective – Matthew Quinn

Published on April 18, 2013 in 2013 Conference Reports

Matthew QuinnMatthew Quinn, Director of Environment and Sustainable Development at Welsh Government shared a Welsh perspective.

During his talk, Matthew outlined the role of Welsh government and principles with regard to sustainable development and approaches to energy policy.

Key points included –

  • The importance of the challenge to climate change and stepping up to decarbonisation
  • Maximum economic returns from investments needed, that captures economic and social value.
  • Specifcally with regards to the Severn – interested in the exploitation potential of the Severn, but doing it in a way that can work with the environment and with genuine economic return.

Matthew shared that there is a terrific evidence base to work with the issues and asked what are the vehicles that can make this happen.

“This has to be about showing people opportunity. If the rest of society can see the opportunities here, then the rest of the system moves with it.”

Listen to the full talk below: