Economy – Professor Calvin Jones

Published on April 18, 2013 in 2013 Conference Reports, Audio, Economy

Calvin JonesCalvin Jones, Professor of Economics and Associate Dean at Cardiff Business School spoke on the theme of Economy.

He shared about Ecosystem services approaches in Wales and reminded us to not fetishize technology, and the need to talk about jobs – interventions do not always change and benefit.

In his lively talk, he discussed complexity, and societal overheads and that you have to maintain those structures going forward. Calvin shared about the the Mayans, and their collapse. Climatic change, a drying climate and crop failures, so they took their people off the land to build temples to keep the gods happy.

‘We do need to talk about the key issue which is how to manage stage reductions in levels of ecological impact, levels of material throughput, levels of economic activity in a way which defends as much human welfare as we can.’

Listen to the full talk below: