Energy Development in the Severn Estuary – John Hogg

Published on April 27, 2017 in 2017 Forum Reports, Environment, Presentation

In his talk continuing the session on Environmental Vision for the Estuary, John Hogg, Head of Operations for South East Wales, Natural Resources Wales, he spoke about:

  • Energy & Environment
  • Role of NRW
  • Context
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities and moving forward
  • NRW’s position

In his talk, John outlined:

The role of NRW:

  • Regulator, advisor, land owner and manager, incident responder
  • Statutory advisor on strategic plans and assessments.
  • Statutory advisor on projects.
  • Regulator e.g. Marine Licensing Authority

Applying principles of sustainable management of natural resources

 The climate change context including:

  • The Environment Act requires Welsh Ministers to meet Climate Change targets.
  • Renewable energy is crucial in achieving climate change targets.

and the challenges including:

  • Loss of species & habitats
  • Lack of evidence about impacts
  • Cumulative & far field effects
  • Residual uncertainties
  • Possible benefits
  • Mitigation, compensation, adaptive management
  • Decommissioning

     …..significant consenting and environmental risk

Moving forward: A Strategic Approach 

  • The right development /activity in the right place
  • Policy Framework (NPS)
  • Strategic Plans and Assessment
  • Strategic Evidence

Evidence needs:

The right evidence is crucial to:

  • Inform strategic plans and policies
  • Develop spatial policies
  • Understand options/adequacy of mitigation, compensation

Evidence needs at a strategic & project level

In some areas there is limited evidence to inform consenting decisions – this is a significant challenge for the development of marine industries

Summary Position:

  • Right development in the right place
  • Strategic Approach to deployment
  • Policy framework
  • Strategic planning & assessment
  • R&D to address evidence needs
  • NRW energy position review.