Interview with Juliet Davenport

Published on April 19, 2013 in 2013 Conference Reports, Video

Following her presentation at the conference, Juliet Davenport was interivewed by RSPB’s Mark Robins.

“I think actually what it needs now is a bit of a vision in terms of what is it trying to do and I think that came through very strongly. Is it trying to make the Seven Estuary self-sufficient in energy, giving a real purpose behind it that is all encompassing both environmental and economic.”

And a step forward, did you feel that in the room today?
“Yes i think so, I definatley saw people running out the door to sign up to the next stage so I think there is a step forward and I think it now needs to keep that momentum going forward.
If I was looking at it, I would want to create a vision so that everybody’s aligned in terms of where to go next, and having created that work out what the workstreams are to really get it moving.”