Keynote – Juliet Davenport

Published on April 18, 2013 in 2013 Conference Reports, Audio, Economy, Energy, Environment, Presentation

Juliet DavenportJuliet Davenport OBE, founder and CEO of green energy supplier Good Energy delivered a keynote presentation to draw a close to the conference, discussing climate change and energy security and shared some key facts about harnessing the UK’s huge potential.

  • UK has second largest tidal range in the world and that range occurs next to major population centres such as Bristol, Cardiff, and Swansea
  • UK has the largest wind resource in the UK yet we are still the laggard in European terms

Juliet summarised key points from the day, citing some innovative examples and explored how can issues be taken forward from this event to the next steps.

Key points from the conference:

  1. Think first who we are investing in investing Tidal technologies for and what for – Low Cost, Low Carbon power to the people of the Severn Estuary for long term.
  2. Engage with the communities that will be hosting these technologies for the next 50-100 years, ensure that the public good outcomes are optimised and consider the structure to enable this.
  3. Consider more widely how we develop an long terms industry and economic activity as a result of these investment, that bring significant local benefits and the potential to export the expertise on a wider basis
  4. Make sure all levels of governance and government has the ability to respond to the requirements of these project and attract developers to take them forward.

What next?

  • How can the issues be taken forward?
  • Need to see progress – and quickly.
  • Convene a meeting of those from the event who are interested in developing the ideas that have emerged – perhaps setting out a road map for what needs to be done?
  • A further conference in about 6 months to review progress?
  • Who would be prepared to engage with this process, please sign up on the way out.

Listen to the full talk below: