Panel discussion

Published on April 18, 2013 in 2013 Conference Reports

audience at the panel discussionPanel discussion chaired by Juliet Davenport.

Juliet opened the session sharing that there is a mass of opportunity, with a region that has a significant resource. She began the debate by asking the panel – do we have a vision?

(Listen to the full audio of the panel discussion below)
Questions and quotes raised from the audience –

  • ‘There’s been a lot of talk about lots of different stakeholders involved in the process, would it be a an idea for the conference to establish an Office for Energy Development in and around the Severn Estuary?’
  • The Severn Estuary Partnership history, experience and knowledge was raised and looking forward at continuing partnerships.
  • ‘It’s important to build on what we’ve already works and what we’ve already got and the Severn Estuary Partnership is one; and another the Severn Tidal Group, which did involved many of the Stakeholders, and a shame that the scorched earth policy of the government blew it out. And concerns that the model that this governments sees is the Local Enterprise partnerships and wouldn’t want to see that vehicle being responsible for this project.’
  • ‘We do need to have a democratic secretariat, a function which is able to evaluate the evidence. In the absence of that we’re getting as stakeholders, is that there are unsubstantiated claims, misrepresented evidence as such which makes it difficult for any body to make an assessment.’
  • ‘With regard to governance we do need to go to central government, or the other extreme we do everything locally become a local group, but find a balance, to make sure the agenda and the questions is being set by the local stakeholders.’
  • ‘A reminder that this area and its surrounds and connections in culture on the two sides of the Severn go far back in history.’
  • Concerns – ‘How to be avoid being crowded out by shore to shore barrage, the new nuclear, and maybe next – fracking?’

The panel consisted of Calvin Jones, James Cameron, Peter Kydd, Matthew Quinn and Mike Clarke.

panel debate
Listen to the full panel discussion below: