Introduction with Vaughan Lindsay

Published on April 18, 2013 in 2013 Conference Reports, Audio

Vaughan LindsayVaughan Lindsay, Chief Executive of The Dartington Hall Trust opened the conference. Over 70 attendees were at the conference representing a wide range of engineers, organisations, sectors and environmentalists.

Vaughan shared a story about Hallsands, on the South Devon coast near to where he lives, which is now a lost village. The locals were never spoken to about the dredging that impacted the village; the locals said, if they’d spoken to them, they would have been able to tell the developers that they were developing in the wrong place. ‘No one even bothered to ask us, we would have wanted to help.’

‘This event, enables a dialogue to take place, but to make the best of this opportunity, is to talk people with expertise and those that care about it. What it’s not about is that it’s not opposing anything. It’s not about coming up with a definitive new or alternative proposal. It’s not a technical discussion about the best technical solution. It’s about trying to stimulate that dialogue. The dialogue that didn’t happen at Hallsands. Where interested parties can come together and share their knowledge and wisdom so we can come up with a better solution that meets all people’s needs.’

Listen to the full talk below: