Making the most of the Estuary

Estuary ViewWe are living in challenging times. We are struggling to kick-start the economy, we are facing the uncertainties of climate change and we are losing precious natural resources.

No wonder, then, that many eyes are turning to the Severn Estuary to find some solutions.

The Severn is blessed with an abundance of wildlife; with important and innovative businesses and with the potential of huge amounts of clean energy – if it can be captured sustainably.

We are a group of organisations and companies who have huge ambitions for the Severn. We believe that it can become an example of how to create truly sustainable solutions for the 21st century. We are confident that the estuary can provide a significant amount of the clean energy that the country needs – without compromising the internationally significant habitats or the existing economy of the area. Furthermore, we believe that, by encouraging the use of the Severn Estuary as a test bed for a whole range of tidal technologies, we can help develop a strong sector capable of competing across the world.

It’s a big prize – and one worth fighting for.