What next?

view of sand and landThe idea of creating energy from the Severn Estuary is not new. It has been talked about many times over the past hundred years or so – yet nothing has happened – perhaps because most proposals have been too costly, too risky and too damaging.

It is becoming clear that the impacts of climate change are already being felt, and so the need to to move rapidly to cleaner, renewable forms of energy is urgent. We cannot wait.

There is a need to bring together industry leaders, local and national governments, environmental groups and economic development agencies to plan rapidly for and implement a sustainable future for the Severn. This is not a drag on development – it is about embracing it. It is about recognising the overwhelming need for clean energy and a vibrant economy and a resilient natural environment.

We believe that there are much more optimal solutions that do not compromise each other.  We believe that we need to move fast – creating a new momentum and a road map for action.

A sustainable Severn is the only future we can honestly provide.